Mind the (alignment) gap

Here are a couple of troubleshooting questions to start thinking about how aligned you are in the current remote working environment:

  • What is the gap between declared priorities and intent vs. actual behavior and interactions among employees?

  • Where are you now vs. what you are capable of vs. what is expected of you?

  • Are you clear on your company's objectives and why they are important to the company?

  • How much of your day is spent on things that you and your company actually value? (Note: not necessarily enjoy)

  • "Is this what's really important to me right now?"

  • How does your company apply the currently declared priorities? For example, is strategic alignment higher if the profit went up by 10% but the “total quality index” went down by 5%? Insisting on both being a prioirty contributes to a lack of clarity at all levels. Which then means it's hard to hold anyone accountable.

  • “What do you mean, exactly?” This is a great question from How to measure anything by Douglass Hubbard